Love having fresh herbs at your finger tips, but don’t have the space or time for a herb garden? Then we’ve designed the perfect solution for you. Our fool proof modular herb gardens are encased in a glass shape, meaning that they’re protected from the elements.  Designed to fit on your kitchen window sill, the modular system means you can stack them how you please.  A self-watering system makes these beauties not only pretty but practical too.


They work as a singular unit or modular unit on your window. Stack them length way or upwards and create your library of living herbs in your own home. The air-vents line up create a flow of fresh air.

Self Watering

This self wateting base is the key to keeping herbs alive. Herbs require a high level humidity to thrive and we’ve answered the hardest trick in herb growing. The self watering base provides the herb garden enough water for a week. Just keep the tray fill and forget about it. Just remember to trim the herbs cause they will over grow.


This hexagon air-vent is designed to work on its own or when stacked, creating a straight line of fresh air for the herbs to thrive. The air vents are the right size for keeping humidity creating a green house effect when the windows are closed.

Stackable Library of Living Herbs.
Designed to live on your kitchen window.

Herbs selection are subject to seasonal changes and availability. 3x herbs, base pebbles, soil, instructions and tools are included.