What if you could place a light in a terrarium so it receives its own light, water and air? Our automated terrariums are no longer dependent on their placement in relation of the sun thanks to a series of electronics installed on the top of the terrarium. A simple plug and play means you can give the plants the light they need as well as use the terrarium as a lamp. This is probably the coolest lamp you could ever imagine and we’ve made it a reality.

LED Lighting

The LED light is installed on top of the terrarium within the geometric shape. This allows us to add light without altering the aesthetics of the terrarium. You will hardly notice it’s there.


A 12V fan has been installed to ensure air is flowing preventing stale air and growth of mold. The fan also cools the LED to ensure longevity. All this is controlled by our automated controller.

Automated Controller

This controlled times the LED light and fan telling the terrarium when to switch on the lights and when to switch off the fan. You do nothing but plug it in. Powered by an Arduino board this automated system is well hidden away.

Self Watering

A self watering base has been installed to ensure your landscape always has the right humidity. Just fill the tray with water and let it water itself.

Hidden Cables

The cables are thin and hidden between the joins of the glass beneath the solder. Carefully places to run along the geometric shape, you will hardly notice they’re there.

Available Shapes