We are obsessed with nature, so much we want to find a way to contain them. To do so we must first understand the macro-environment. Then we can recreate. Our goal, to revolutionise the art of glass and create glass suitable for landscapes. We don’t pot plants in pots, we house landscapes in geometric glass. It’s the key to what makes us different.

Denny Mo
Founder of Angles+Earth

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Every piece of glass is cut and soldered together by hand. Each and every plant is hand-picked and planted by our talented team. We believe in authentic, artisanal pieces that are every bit as organic as the earth itself.


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We believe in empowering and uplifting local talent and, because of this, every element we use is sourced locally. Our studio is based in Khayalitsha, Cape Town where local talent expertly create our glass structures.


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All our plants are purchased from local suppliers, as we strongly believe in supporting local business.


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Where possible, we try our best to ensure our products are earth friendly. Every material used to make our terrariums and homeware are made from natural forming elements, like glass and lead, that can decompose and be returned to the earth. We are in the process of testing organic waste as a replacement for the polystyrene chips we currently use to package our items.