The importance of soil

2 October 2017

Potting soil is not the answer here. Different plants require different soil. To help you identify which is best for what we’ve divided the components of soil into groups for you.

This is what one would usually find in soil: sand, minerals, milled bark, peat, fungi and animal manure. These soil components come in different ratios from different land formations. The ultimate composition of these elements dictate what type of plant will thrive.

Succulent / Desert Plants:

75% Sand

10% Minerals

10% Crushed Stone

5% Milled Bark

Bonsai Plants:

30% Sand

10% Minerals

10% Peat

50% Wood Chips and Organic Matter

Edible Plants:

50% Peat

50% Milled Bark

Indoor Plants:

50% Peat

50% Milled Bark

Orchids / Air Plants:

80% Woodchip

20% Peat

The best place to look for the best possible soil composition for your plant is to check the pot it came in. The growers of the plant know best! Take out a handful and use your eye to measure. In time, you will get a feel for it and be able to tell the difference between different soils. There is a substrate by a company called Kekkila imported from Finland, most of our growers use this substrate to grow their vegetables, indoor plants and many more. It’s probably the best soil one could get their hands on.