The Making Of Our Our New Modular Herb Garden

21 September 2017

We’ve all tried growing our own herb in a corner in our garden somewhere. Brilliant idea for the first few month and then we lose steam. The truth behind growing herbs, they a very sensitive plants. Normally grown in greenhouses where they are protected from the harsh elements.

To overcome this problem and make a herb garden easy for anyone to grow, was to make a miniature greenhouse. One that watered itself as long as you give it some light. So we designed it to fit neatly on your window sill so it always get enough light.

Then we went all out and made it modular so you can have a library of living herbs at your fingertips. Our self watering base mean as long as there is water in the base the herbs will never go dry. It’s quite a remarkable design that you can taste. We hope you enjoy our this modular herb garden.

We’ve tested this garden for 3 month and now it just grows everywhere. Be sure to trim the overgrown herbs. Enjoy!