The Making of Automated Terrariums

21 September 2017

It’s been our dream to do this for a while now, a lot of wasted electronics parts, a lot of Youtube videos and help from a electrical engineer got us here. Our old terrarium were dependant on a window to give the plants light. Meaning it was bound to be in a specific location. To get around this, we decided to create a terrarium that can be placed anywhere,

Adequate lighting is provided by a 10w LED, which is strong enough to mimic sunlight. Air is moved through a small fan, which also keeps the LED cool. A safe 12v DC current moves through wires that are cleverly hidden inside the solder joins to preserve aesthetic.

These automatic terrariums are still under development. We are currently in phase one, where we use a on off switch to control the terrarium. Phase two involves the inclusion of an Arduino board, which will self-program the terrarium, enabling it to function entirely on its own. A little bit more programing and midnight coffee hopefully will get us there.