Our New Store

Urban Hub, 142 Buitengracht Street, Cape Town.

12 August 2017

Our new home is finally ready. There was a lot of planning that went into this, is it going to work? Am I going to make money? Am i moving too fast?

You know what help me made up my mind. It’s my passion, plants, landscapes, geometric shapes. What more could you want? Every bit of love and thinking you can see inside the store. I’m always adding bits and pieces into the store. Today I got hold of some Spanish Moss, hung them up and it’s beautiful, i don’t think there any job out there that has given me a reason to buy as much plants as i want. The collection there is incredible, come see for yourself.

It’s been a learning curve and a half, there were a lot of questions about air, humidity, lighting, water. So many things you never think about. I mean i have a cash box and a UV light for fake notes which i never use but opening a store has taught me a lot. Still learning and bashing my head every once in a while.

Oh yes, the dog in the photo, he’s Cabbage. He help ward off zombies that come wandering in. He’s no threat really, on his worst day he’ll just lick you to death. Drop by, say hello, see the terrariums.