Cabbage the Golden

The love and life of Cabbage

11 August 2017

Cabbage, like all my other animals, is named after a plant. Why Cabbage? Because a silly dog deserves a silly name! He’s two years old and one hell of a naughty boy. He’s not very good at cleaning, but he’s excellent at warding off the zombies that come wandering in the streets of BoKaap. Don’t let that scare you though – at his worst, he’ll just lick you to death. He accompanies me to the shop quite often, so if you visit sometime, you may just get lucky enough to meet him.

His other skills, besides zombie warding, are collecting driftwood and playing with other dogs that don’t want to play with him. Whenever we go hiking or walking together, his curiosity guides me toward the best parts of the forest. I’ve ended up finding the best places to learn about plants by following each turn Cabbage makes when he’s in golden-exploration-mode!