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You know what a terrarium is but what is a vivarium? Well, aquarium is of water and terrarium is of land then a vivarium is of both. We can now combine the two but this took a bit of work. You have to know exactly what lives close to water and under. I’ve been experimenting with this for some time now and finally, it works… I think. Time will tell.

Let’s start with the plants, it’s carnivorous plants, why? Cause they love water. I spoke to an expert here in Cape Town who grows them from seed, Pan Carnivore’s. The trick is, these plants need sunlight, heat & water. About 4~6 hours of sunlight a day, summer like heat and constantly sitting on water. The growing medium is specific too, not soil but grind up sphagnum moss, ask Pan’s, he should be able to send you some.

Once you’ve got all the ingredients together, put the pieces together. I planted┬áthe plants on rocks. If you are using rocks you found on the coast, please soak them in water with a bit of salt, osmosis removes the remains salt on the rocks so they don’t poison the plants. Layer them in such a way so there are space for the fish to move about. Don’t forget a filter pump, you will need it to clean the fish poo… they poo a lot. Make sure you’ve treated your water first, it’s best you use reverse osmosis water which you can buy at any super market. Once the rocks are in place and make sure they are steady, pour the water in along with the fish and they you go, you very own vivarium.

Maintenance is the hardest part, you have to feed the fish and once a month clean the tank and filter which normally means you take out all the pieces one by one and put them all back together. A tot of new water should be added daily as some of the water evaporates. If you willing to put up with all this, it’s quite an amazing achievement and quite something to look at.

I’m going to start selling these but with a heavy warning about the work involved. I’m always here to help if you run into any troubles.


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