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Terrariums, life in a glass.
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Briolette Terrarium


Briolette Terrarium

Briolette-Terrarium-1 Briolette-Terrarium Briolette-Terrarium-Decorex

The Briolette was inspired by the Uruguayan Briolette Crystal jewellers uses for gemstone cutting. This is our most ambitious terrarium yet. We’ve planned this terrarium back in 2015, the hardest hurdle was the mathematics behind this shape, one degree off meant 10 degrees difference further down the line, the mistakes were rippled. The CAD drawings took a good month to do then took us another 4 weeks to build the Briolette. This terrarium is pit together 130 diamond faces with a precise Decagon base which dictates the amount of revolution of faces that formed this marvel of a wonder. I hope you enjoy this as much as i did making it.

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